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Inter Hannover

Dear Sirs,

I am the Underwriter of PanOptimum, a new insurance policy launched on the 21 February 2011 by Inter-Hannover. The policy is designed to fill the requirements of modern corporate travel or expatiate worker; we recognise that companies no longer just travel to the main population densities in first world countries and they now have a global reach and as such, their evacuation coverage and insurance needs to reflect this. Therefore, Inter-Hannover is offering an all encompassing evacuation product where a client can purchase Group Personal Accident and Medical Corporate Travel, Political Evacuation, Natural Disaster response and Kidnap & Ransom cover, offering ease of purchase and an economy of scale.

I selected NGS as the Crisis Management Company given their unique evacuation model and operating ability. For this product to be a success and to offer what clients want an need, I recognised that the provider must be able to do a point of incident evacuation in a political incident or a natural disaster utilising whatever asset is best placed for the task and that flying a plane into a national airport is no longer enough in our modern world.


Foreign COmmonwealth Office

"The Foreign Office alerted NGS to the presence of approximately 10 British Nationals attempting to depart Benghazi. Rapid liaison enabled NGS to facilitate their successful evacuation on board an NGS-chartered vessel in Benghazi at the time. The speed of reaction was immediate and cost effective despite the rapidly deteriorating operational situation."



"NGS has proven to be a caring business partner who offers valued added services above and beyond the contracted services. They have proven to be a reliable, professional, and responsive addition to our corporate security program, with deep knowledge of the fluid geo political situation in West Africa, as well as the required tactical capabilities."



"For us it was the peace of mind that we had a one stop shop to go to plan evacuations and organize all the logistics in the event of an issue… I can also say that in terms of cost NGS is reasonable."



"We selected them over others for the integrated and holistic nature of their product range and the proactive yet flexible delivery of service to our specific requirements. International medical & political evacuation, tracking, localized security, media crisis training, crisis management planning and Operations Room coordination all come together to form a single product that we feel we have ownership of."


NBC Universal

"In working with NGS to implement a contingency crisis management service, I have been extremely impressed by their professionalism and dedication. NGS provided solutions, which demonstrated an implicit understanding of our requirements and needs."


Chakata Resources

"Brilliant Job. Really well done. Northcott have been outstanding… and very reassuring knowing that you are on task. As soon as you became involved, our lives became easier.

I'm really pleased that we were able to place this task with you & many thanks to all of your team for all of the quick, efficient & complete work that they did…"