NGS Global Solutions

Northcott Global Solutions

The new generation of Global Emergency Response and the only dedicated Political, Natural Disaster and Medical Evacuation provider designed to meet modern, commercial travel patterns.

Our Offering

NGS has a globally proven record of reacting in minutes & hours compared to the industry standard of 3 – 7 days. The traditional assistance industry is 2 dimensional. NGS offer a multi-dimensional, local response to individual client 'problems' using pre-vetted providers from a greater variety of Industries. Our 24/7 Operations Centre allows tailor made solutions using:

title Role
Emergency Evacuation - Political & Civil Unrest, Natural Disaster and Medical
Contingency Planning - Before, During or After an Incident
Remote Medical ability - Staffing, Facilities, Planning
Ops Room Services - 24/7, Specialist manning
Infrastructure - Schools, Water Purification, Accommodation, Storage
Tracking - Integrated GPRS/GSM/GPS/Satellite Platforms

Our Asset Database

NGS brings the multi-dimensional, multi-disciplined military operational planning and evacuation model into the commercial and non-commercial market. The operational robustness and flexibility that this produces was seen to out-strip the industry standard by days during the emergency of the Arab Spring." "Our 24/7 Operations Centre allows tailor made solutions using: Land Transport /Maritime Assets /Diplomatic Contacts /Accommodation Providers /Security Companies /Itinerary Management /Satellite Imagery /Medical Facilities /Local Liaison /Aviation Location/Broking /Remote Medical Provision /Tracking (Vehicle & Personnel).

We bring the same dynamism to our various medical and infrastructure facility solutions all of which can be installed in days and are mobile, flexible, robust and competitively priced.