NGS Global Solutions

Travel Itinerary Management and Tracking (e.g Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus)

It’s easy to know who is present in the office, just by counting heads.

It's simple to check on inventory in a warehouse, through stock checks. But what about human and physical assets on the move worldwide?

It's more vital than ever to your business that you have the capacity to monitor these movements at all times, so that appropriate action can be swiftly taken to minimise loss of value, loss of prestige and most importantly the loss of life.

NGS Travel Itinerary Management (TIM)

NGS TIM provides bespoke 24-hour itinerary tracking and support 365 days a year. Our cutting edge itinerary tracking solution automatically integrates an array of travel agents GDS information including a traveller’s flight details, hotels, car journeys, train journeys, ferry trips and more. TIM enables better management of the travel process and where fully implemented, enables an organisation to quickly verify the safety of travellers anywhere in the world.

Safety Check Call Service

High net worth individuals or travellers can benefit from the unlimited safety check call service for each individual trip, plus specify any response or escalation / notification they wish to implement in the event that a safety check call is missed.