NGS Global Solutions

Real-Time Personnel Tracking

NGS can provide a range of live GPS tracking solutions, using the satellite and mobile network infrastructure (GPRS/GSM) spanning the globe.

As well as enhancing the safety of your personnel and facilitating response at a pinpointed location, we give you a powerful tool that can be used to manage your daily business logistics.

Our clients gain secure access to an online resource where they can view the location of all their tracking units. These may be road vehicles, ships, aircraft or other key assets.

Live tracking of your people allows greater duty of care to be exercised, even in the most challenging environments. Systems are fitted with a panic alarm and monitored 24 hours a day by our operations team who can react immediately to emergencies.

GPRS / GPS Smartphone Tracking

NGS offers a fully managed tracking solution on GPS enabled mobile phones (Blackberry, iPhone & Android for large numbers of routine travellers and executives travelling regularly to remote and high risk countries. NGS provides 24:7:365 tracking monitoring and response of panic alarms, speed alerts, manual position reports and safety zone crossings.

GPRS/GSM/GPS Pocket Buddy Tracking

The Pocket Buddy Pearl is the most powerful personal safety device available. The Pearl mobile is a GPS location device designed for personal security and has an inbuilt emergency button as well as a motion sensor.

Both these features ensure direct contact to NGS Operations Centre where the monitoring and response service is managed and supported by NGS 24:7 should the user encounter a distressful or threatening situation..

Iridium Extreme Voice, SOS & Satellite Tracking

The Iridium 9575 Extreme is the newest satellite phone currently available. Not only does the 9575 Extreme offer Iridium's global coverage for voice, data and SMS but it is the first satellite phone to offer the fully integrated services of customizable GPS, online tracking and emergency SOS with notification services.

Iridium 'InReach' Satellite Tracking

The NGS inReach is a multiple award winning global satellite messenger, designed to offer 2-way texting for SOS and personal communications, follow-me/find-me tracking and navigation in areas of the world where no other forms of communication exist.

GPRS/GSM/GPS 'WellFleet' Fixed Vehicle Tracking

The Wellfleet is an easy to install mobile property protector. Due to its size, weight and flexible power input the Wellfleet can be used for any mobile asset that needs protection. The Wellfleet primarily transmits its location information to the NGS service using GPRS but can fall back on text messaging when in areas of poor GPRS coverage. As the Wellfleet is a GSM quad band device, it will operate in most parts of the world.

Satellite 'SkyWave' Fixed Vehicle Tracking

Skywave satellite communication terminals and air-time services are designed for a variety of security tracking, monitoring and communication applications. Whether you want to remotely manage a vehicle, heavy equipment or oil and gas equipment you have a choice of SkWave terminals. Depending on your requirements, SkyWave has a satellite or satellite/cellular product that can meet your needs.