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NGS E-Learning Pre-Travel Awareness Module

An understanding of an unfamiliar environment will inspire confidence and improve performance for the business traveller.

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NGS Travel Safety

Understanding is The Key to Success

NGS is proud to offer our on-line pre-travel e-learning tool. The aim of this tool is to prepare your employees for overseas travel. The course offers tips and advice on the Dos and Don'ts when working and travelling abroad. The course will cover the following areas:

Travel Safety & Security

Each course will lead the participant through a series of advisory briefs designed to provide an insight into the unfamiliar environments they might find themselves in. The information in the courses will highlight key safety strategies and medical considerations as well as fulfil the Duty of Care Obligation required of an employer.

Course Validation

On completion of the course the participant will be able to take an on-line assessment to confirm their knowledge. Success will result in a certificate that can sit on the individual's personal record. The confidence that this knowledge will give to your employees will ensure they are better focussed on their primary tasks.