NGS Global Solutions

NGS Operations Team

The NGS Core business operations team are all exclusively ex-Warrant Officers, recruited for their experience, skillset and confidence gained over a full military career who are able to offer unambiguous advice.

The NGS database of service providers includes security companies, fixed and rotary wing assets, aeromed companies, maritime, land transport, local contacts, accommodation, hospitals, police, logistics etc.

The NGS "due diligence" process, ensures we only use providers who are reliable, competent, experienced in their fields and whose ability / assets match the requirement of our clients.

This ability, skillset and experience allows us to operate effectively in every country in the world, even those with little or no emergency infrastructure. The NGS Team advise our clients on requirement, management and best practice options to mitigate risk and respond to any number of crisis situations by reusing the skills and experience taught and gained on military operations.